Invest in a company

And make a financial investment with multiple advantages!

Your savings sleep...

... and you would prefer to see it grow?

Investing directly in a company is a solution that attracts more and more investors. This action of financing the local or national economy is encouraged by tax exemption schemes. In addition to reducing taxes, investing in a business can pay big dividends. Yield is often among the most competitive in the market.

Another important advantage is that you can influence its return by investing directly in the company (time or skills). This playful dimension allows you to develop skills and know-how.

Find a company to invest in

Support the dynamism of companies
Contribute to the influence of your territory and country by helping companies finance their development and growth.

Make your savings grow
Invest in companies whose size provides agility and rapid adaptation to the economic context, which translates into significant growth potential.

Invest for fun
To buy shares in a company is to integrate a business project, linked to an economic reality, and not drawn by the purse strings. Why not also offer your skills to go even further?

Experience the entrepreneurial adventure
Finance a corporate project, a human adventure with meaning. It is also a way to join the management of a company, sharing responsibilities with one or more partners.

Tax-free with investment in companies
Finance business development, and significantly reduce your income tax and wealth tax.

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JOINZEE is a professional dating site, which meets the needs of those who wish to capitalize on their professional future. It connects entrepreneurs looking for partners or associates, skills, capital and financing. Whether you want to join a company as a partner or invest in a company, JOINZEE will help you to find and define your future investment project.

JOINZEE offers an optimised experience: quality profiles and projects, and high-performance tools for networking.

JOINZEE offers an optimised experience: quality profiles and projects, and high-performance tools for networking.

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