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19 March 2018 - 7 h 42 min

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Hiring an associate! Why not? The recruitment process is widely used to strengthen its teams. Why should the search for an associate not also be entitled to strategic and tailor-made support? However, you do not recruit a partner as you recruit a collaborator. In addition to the search for a specific profile, there is also a large amount of administrative and legal advice. This implies proposing resources adapted to highly strategic needs.


Why hire an associate?


The concept of recruitment

As fundamental as it is strategic, recruitment is a mandatory step for any professional organization. It aims to find a candidate who meets the needs and skills required for a given position. As a rule, the search for the appropriate profile concerns employee subgroups, employees, which represent a large volume of requests. But the approach also works perfectly in the search for an associate or a partner.

In both cases, it will be a question of defining the profile sought, of setting up the adapted tools and techniques, then of selecting the candidates. The search for a partner will go further in the integration process.

The use of a specialist, in the specific case of partner search, is relevant. Notably because the recruitment agency of associates, like any recruitment agency, is subject to a triple obligation:


– an obligation of means: the recruitment firm must make every effort to perfect its mission
– an obligation to advise: the recruitment firm must give all the necessary information to the company, to facilitate decision-making
– an obligation of information: the professional in charge of recruitment, within the agency, must check the references and the facts of arms of the candidates


The more responsibilities the position has, the more appropriate it is to entrust recruitment to specialists. The company manager thus benefits from the security and serenity provided by the support of a professional, and frees himself from the time to devote to his core business.



The stages of recruitment (of a partner)


A. Identification of needs
Logically, the first phase of a partner recruitment process is the identification of needs. A company manager, who seeks to associate, is generally faced with a problem: need for skills, capital,… in a context of creation, development, sale / transfer,… Often, this step is carried out independently by the company manager. He can also be accompanied in the precise identification of his needs.


B. Description of the profile and criteria
This step summarizes the needs identified and translates them into criteria. In other words, it will define the responsibilities incumbent upon the candidate-associate and the competencies expected to carry them. It also validates the level of financial participation requested.


C. Definition of a partner recruitment strategy
If all stages are strategic, this one is even more so. When recruiting employees, the reflexes of consulting classified ad sites facilitate the work of recruitment agencies. Headhunters also know how to take advantage of professional social networks. When looking for a potential partner, confidentiality requires a higher degree of finesse. The strategy is then more precise and tailor-made.


D. Search for associate candidates
It is the implementation of the strategy. The partner recruitment firm launches actions to meet candidates and give visibility to the recruitment project.


E. Selection of profiles of potential partners
This phase consists of collecting applications, assessing them against the defined criteria and confirming them by making contact. After checking the motivations and references, the recruitment agency presents a selection of the profiles selected.


F. Support in structuring integration
To complete the HR approach, the partner recruitment process integrates advice and support for future partners in their choice:

– the format of the association
– the legal status
– the distribution of the shares in the share capital
– …




The benefits of specific support in hiring an associate


The integration of an associate has far more serious implications than that of an associate. The latter is bound by a simple employment contract. The partner, on the other hand, enters into the company’s articles of association and has an influence on all future decisions. In addition to professional criteria, there is a personal dimension, fuelled by a compatibility of character and a necessary sharing of values and vision. Support in recruitment must take all these dimensions into account.


Tailor-made support
There is no pre-established plan of attack for recruiting a partner. Every company, and every manager, is different. Thus, the first quality of an associate recruitment agency is its ability to provide”tailor-made” services.
Tailor-made support will precisely define the entrepreneur’s needs and objectives (skills, financial contributions, address book,…) and the desired level of support (HR, administrative, legal).


Rely on the expertise of specialists
The partner recruitment consultant must be first and foremost an entrepreneur at heart. He has two essential areas of expertise:


experience in business creation and development: this experience is essential to understand the ins and outs of its mission. His great sensitivity to entrepreneurship will allow him to become more familiar with the problems of the entrepreneur.
– essential qualities of listening, analysis, synthesis and relational skills


The associate recruitment specialist is agile and knows how to adapt to each situation. He is responsible for engineering the recruitment strategy to achieve optimum efficiency.

He has internal and external quality resources to accompany his client until the end of the project (choice of status, capital allocation, various steps to be taken,…).



Saving time
Obviously, the delegation implies a significant saving of time. Support by a partner recruitment agency frees the entrepreneur from a process that can be time-consuming. Thus, the business manager looking for a partner can devote more time to his core business and remain focused on his strategic activities.



Taking a step back
Outside the relationship of service provider to customer, the consultant positions himself as a true strategic and benevolent partner, at the service of the development of a company. It brings a fresh look and an external analysis on the real needs of the structure. He feeds the common reflection of his experience, to help the company manager in the validation of the profile sought.




Bringing a partner into his business is not a trivial act. It can be beneficial or fatal to a company’s ambitions. With the right method and qualities, the partner recruitment agency and its consultants offer a safeguard to demanding and ambitious entrepreneurs. It will save them time, while implementing actions to identify the rarest pearls and complete their project.



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