Women’s entrepreneurship

to accelerate the development of your company

Are you a woman entrepreneur or do you have the soul?

... and you have ambition and plans.

Creating a business when you are a woman requires will and courage. In a sexist world, you have to know how to make your place and prove its value. Yet the statistics speak for themselves: women leaders are accelerating business performance.

Women's entrepreneurship is synonymous with autonomy, for lack of means to delegate, especially initially. Rational and measured, women tend to limit risks: they restrict external funding and the delegation of tasks. Observations attested by numerous studies.

In the oven and at the mill, comes the fateful moment where you have to surround yourself: associates, collaborators, investors,...

Whether you have a creation or development project, or integrate an existing project, you need to identify the ideal partner.

What are the benefits of the association?

Benefit from new and specific skills
Welcome new know-how, strategic knowledge that will open doors to networks and markets

Meet your company's financing needs
Finance your development with the capital contribution of your future partner

Take a step back from your business management
Receive an objective and neutral look at your business, enrich yourself with a new vision

Get involved in your project
Accelerate the development of your project by integrating new, involved and motivated energies

Increase growth opportunities
Integrate partners with rich and varied profiles to unveil new horizons

plateforme mise en relation d'associé site de rencontre

for demanding entrepreneurs

JOINZEE is a professional dating site, which meets the needs of those who wish to accelerate the growth of their company, and propose their skills and capital. It connects entrepreneurs looking for partners/associates, skills, capital and financing. Whether you want to create, develop, sell and transfer, merge or finance a company's growth.

JOINZEE helps you to find your future business partner.

JOINZEE offers an optimised experience: quality profiles and high-performance tools for networking.


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An efficient tool for identifying and connecting partners

Profiles of future quality associates

free access to all potential partner profiles

a hyper-targeted multi-criteria search engine

a direct, simplified and confidential relationship

qualified and varied quality profiles

a database of potential associates outside the known networks

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